... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Morden Hall Park: Wetlands Amphibicycle

Wetter underfoot in large.
Snail extras:
Smart shell on tree
Space snail with tiny hitchhiker
Snail scales

Im and I went to Morden in the morning; we were heading for the National Trust Garden Centre, with heavy rain falling and more forecast, but a lull in the rain tempted us to take a stroll through Morden Hall Park, and flooded paths led us to discover the wetlands boardwalk. I took my blip as we emerged from the wetlands, and was also standing in a puddle.

I was tempted to blip Im leaping puddles, but couldn't decide between those shots, so here is someone I don't live with, and the extras show some of the many smart snails that we saw.

Others here (or right from Ironwork)

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