... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Wet Weather Friends

Livelier a still life in large.
Ida reflecting
Im in the rain
Great crested grebe in the rain
Preening on the tiles

Took lots of shots outside in the rain today: went out with the duckules in the morning (they came up onto the terrace, and it was wet, so I was tempted both by them and their reflections...), then Im and I went to South Norwood Lake... Im had been previously and spotted great crested grebes with grebelings, so we both went back today to have a look; we saw the adults but not the young ones, and it was also nice to see a new lake (with disturbingly but beautifully green water).

Today's mixed bag are here (Duckules right from Flügel shaking; South Norwood Lake right from Ridge pigeons)

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