Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

To The Future

In keeping with my posting statues from my visits to get Rich after his dialysis, here's Richard Thornton's statue outside the hospital. Cheating slightly as I actually took this photo on Wednesday, but today it was absolutely twatting down with rain, there was a bitter wind and I was a bit frazzled. I had a bit of a morning in that I was tired and hormonal, and then my card wouldn't work on the bus so I had a minor meltdown. Turns out, upon speaking to the bank, that the contactless service on my card has been locked due to the recently changed PIN and can only be restored by using my card in a bank-specific ATM. Not really what I wanted to hear when trying to make my way to the hospital... Also, as I was on the phone finding this out, I was walking back home and a gust of wind blew my umbrella in such a way that I smacked myself in the face with the handle, which actually really hurt... I still ended up getting there early in an Uber, but the weather prevented any strolling. 

I felt better when we got home and settled in for an afternoon of TV, stitching and painkillers.

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