White Drippy

Cyclamen :)

Furlough Day 172, 03.10.20

A wet and dismal day until about 4pm when the sun came out briefly.  Raining again now though.

I had a lazy morning (must get out of that habit soon before the end of my furlough!) and then pottered this afternoon.  Tried to put up the coat rack I bought yesterday, but most frustratingly the holes already in the wall are in slightly, and only slightly the wrong place :(:(  It will have to wait until someone experienced in drilling comes...  But I've changed my living room around.  Still undecided which way I want it - but I'm fed up with trailing extension leads across the floor when I've a socket I can't get to by the side of a bookcase.  So books need emptying and it needs moving along...  

Why is nothing ever easy!

I've cooked bolognaise tonight, but had forgotten to buy mushrooms, so I've added butternut squash instead.  Very filling, and two portions for the freezer too :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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