Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

At a waterfall

That wasn’t!

Another run away from home hiking day with my bestie! We were all set to go to Paris Mountain State Park about two hours from home. When we got there the park ranger had blocked the entrance as the park was AT CAPACITY!!! Needless to say with perfect fall weather everyone had the same idea!

We knew that other parks in the area would have the same situation so we headed to Ashmore Heritage Preserve about thirty minutes away. Off the beaten path and not as well advertised as a state park so no problem with parking or too many people.

An uphill waterfall hike and then a loop hike around a pond where there was a second smaller falls. The second waterfall is behind us! Dry weather has made it almost disappear.

As I was trying to balance the phone on my backpack to get a photo a man who we had passed by a few minutes before came up and volunteered to take our photos! I think he was wondering why we went up the tiny trail off the main trail. We found out it was his first time at this area so we told him about the larger waterfall and some other places in the area to hike. We also talked with several other hikers. Everyone we met was so friendly!

After the five miles with a long time since breakfast, we were starving.... so in the nearest town we stopped at an old fire station that had been converted to a restaurant. Food was really good and we splurged on dessert from the on site bakery! Expresso cheesecake!!! Oh my! Yummy!

A perfect day! Makes me so grateful for wild areas that I am able to enjoy. Tired and ready for a soak in the bath and an early night.

Happy weekend Blippers!

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