Kendall is here

By kendallishere


Today was our friend Marj's 80th birthday, and these are her spanking new gold shoes. 

Last night the film crew sent Donna and me the first version Silent Voices, and it is a joy and a relief to see that it holds together, is has a kind of unity, and it is very nearly finished. Just a couple of small tweaks and it will be ready. Every actor's work is engaging and nuanced; the editing is exciting and introduces movement and rhythm; the lighting is remarkable; the chorus works between monologs. All that remains is the captioning, and we'll have that by the 6th. I've heard from most of the actors tonight, and all are amazed to see how well the piece has come together, thanks to the brilliant editing of the video. I am too close to it now to know what kind of impact it will have on others, but I love the faces of the actors and the work that made it possible for us to see those faces.

We did it! We made an hour-long movie without any money changing hands, with all-volunteer performers and crew, with donated equipment in a donated space, everyone masked except the one actor being filmed, and nobody got Covid-19. It's a miracle. I will post the link for all of you on the debut date, October 6. 

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