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Bella and Baba Day

Today, for the first time in seven months, Bella and I had a Baba Day that wasn’t in her back yard. It involved riding in my car, but we both wore masks the whole time and kept the windows open. The Chinese Garden has some wonderful Covid-19 protocols: everyone has to reserve a ticket for a specific time and can’t stay longer than an hour. Everyone has to wear a mask, follow a one-way path with plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers, maintain social distance, and avoid touching anything. When Bella and I were there, only five other guests had been admitted, and they were much more than 6 feet away from us.

We were having a good time, but when Bella found one of Felix’s hairs on her jacket, she said, “Wow, you know what? I sort of miss Felix. It’s weird, doing something without my mom, dad, Evan and Felix. It’s so long since I was away from them, it feels strange. I know I’m going right back there, and it’s not a sad feeling, but it’s sort of surprising, how strange it feels.”

Tomorrow I'll have Evan and we'll have the same adventure. I wonder what he'll discover.

Also be ready tomorrow for the link to Silent Voices: The Movie.

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