By wellsforzoe

Indigenous Forestry

 3RD OCTOBER, 2020.

Just a week ago we got funding to plant 900,000 indigenous  trees and we went into action straight away  We have met Chiefs and communities, acquired land for nurseries and also for planting the trees, established management and workforces for each nursery and purchased the potting tubes.  We have amazing staff and we have an excellent relationship with communities where we have worked over the past 15 years.

In Ireland it may take 3 years to get to this stage, so thankfully it's not and that we are dealing people who really want to DO something about their environment instead of endlessly talking about it.

Lovemore reports as follows from Enyezeni:

Today I went to Enyezini to monitor potting progress. I arrived around 10am to find turn up was low only 15 women came to work because there was a funeral of elderly person in the community.

 12,000 tubes have been potted today. Progressively at Enyezini 40,766 tubes have been potted in three days.

At Misuku potting was the activity that occurred. 28,950 tubes have been potted today by 25 people. Progressively 52,200 tubes have been potted in two  days.

They have got a plea at Misuku in which they are looking for toilets to be built close to the nursery site, as it is far from their homes.

Grand total of potted tubes is now at 92,966.

At Kasela land clearing has started today. On Monday some will finish land clearing and others will be digging holes for the fence, to surround and protect the seedlings.

When all the levelling is done these tubes will be easily put into groups of 500 or 1000  so that they can be easily checked and counted.  Next week all chosen varieties of  seeds will be arriving when they will be prepared and sown

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