By wellsforzoe

138 workers on the job today

6th October 2020

Today we have received 750,000 tubes from Polypack factory . 250,000 have been taken for Misuku.
We have also taken 160kgs mwabvi which is 208,000 seeds, 12 kgs mthethe which 120,000 seeds, 20kgs Mkunkhu that's 160,000 seeds and 15kgs m'bawa thus 27,000 seeds making a total of 515,000 seeds.
At Enyezini 20,670 tubes have been potted, at Misuku 26,740 tubes have been potted. 
Progressively 187,476 tubes have been potted in all areas.
At Kasela they have finished land clearing and tomorrow some will start digging holes for the fence and others will be levelling the land for tubes alignment.
At the factory potting has began today. At Chimaliro potting will begin tomorrow same as at the farm.
About labor on indigenous project we have a total of 138 workers across all the areas. The details are as follows Misuku 25, Enyezini 28, Kasela 25, factory 28, Chimaliro 25 and farm 7.
At Misuku tomorrow, we will deliver the materials and also teach or demonstrate how sowing should be done .

Another point to take note is that the seeds and tubes that have been bought were only meant for Enyezini, Kasela and Misuku.
This means there is a need to request seeds and tubes for factory, Chimaliro and the farm.
This will require another 1,100, 000 tubes for potting and 2,200,000 seeds for sowing since the seeds are sown two in each tube as per instruction from Botanic and Land Resource Center since Indigenous seed germination rate is low.


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