Hopeful Progress!

We received word this morning that it looks like we might be able to go back home tomorrow.  An enormous generator is now squatting in the alleyway next to our building, and they fired it up yesterday evening with success.  (It's the big green metal object in the bottom left hand corner of this collage.)  We walked over there this morning, because we wanted to let all the people who have been working so hard to get things back to normal over the past several days know how much we appreciate their efforts.  (We bought everyone lunch today.)  On the way, we admired the little suspension bridge in the Public Garden, along with its reflection in the lagoon, as well as the flaming red maple leaves on the Common.  That's our poor, sad building in the top right corner of the collage -- the tall one in the middle of the frame.

Fingers crossed we can return to normalcy (or nearly so) tomorrow!

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