By Ingeborg


Still finding abstract Os and circles today, even when cooking :-) And it gave me the idea for the optional theme for this coming week's Abstract Thursday: 'kitchen abstract'. The tag will be AT276. We had the young couple with Jack staying for a first sleepover, a great time was had by all, I think. But they haven't left yet and it does mean I only sprinkled stars on your entries and no comments, sorry for that !

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries of this past week, while sprinkling those stars and looking at the first page I already saw so many I would love to give a heart to ! But I've only got 5 of them :-( Here's the list of 5 last week's specials :

carolinav                 atmospheric footsteps in the sand
isbi                           beautiful pep ventosa cyclamen
maya4040              cracked (mural?) abstract
RomanAdventure  an ICM seascape
Doingok                   seasonal colour abstracts

Thanks so much for all AT  entries and for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's silly Saturday Blip

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