Red Flash

By RedFlash

Reggie - the famous Blip Dog

By the morning the rain had finally stopped and in the extra you can see the view from the AirBnB. It was a lovely place and we’ve said that we would be back.

We had an important rendezvous that we couldn’t miss.

We’d planned to come in May but as we were still in full lockdown we’d moved it to now. Never knowing from one day to the next whether this would be possible. Today we’ve met AiredaleKnitter, Mr H and the lovely Reggie.

As meeting inside is not allowed we’ve had a socially distanced walk around Saltaire, walking round the streets and then the Leeds and Liverpool canal and the River Aire. See the extra for the flooded weir. It was a lovely walk. We did get wet for a while but it just didn’t matter.

Thank you so much for coming to meet us.

Now we are home. HtP to his and me to mine. We’ve had a wonderful time. It was probably too far to go in a weekend but we wanted to meet up with our friends. So very important at this time.

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