There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

LGK, the Front Porch Napper

I mentioned in yesterday's blip that with the nights turning colder, it is starting to feel like time for soup. There is another thing that happens when the weather begins to chill out, and that is that we often have a front porch visitor.

For whatever reason, our neighbors' kitty, LGK (Little Gray Kitty), also known as Stryker, likes to visit when it is colder out. So he showed up on this morning, seeking a warm lap to make biscuits on. My husband, the object of his affections, went out and happily obliged.

This was the scene after my husband came back inside. LGK was sitting on a towel enjoying a nice nap on our front porch in the morning sun. It looks like a very peaceful moment, doesn't it?  :-)

The soundtrack song is this one: James Taylor and Carole King, with You've Got a Friend.

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