A very special day. 40 years ago daughter Kate was born. In two weeks she & the family are due to fly here. Ryanair is flying again so no money back for the tickets she bought in January if she doesn't turn up. And that even though the Irish Government has told people not to undertake ANY foreign travel and the consequences of doing so are very strict if you then turn out to have got Covid19.

I am so proud of her for saying she will not fly unless a vaccine is found in the next two weeks that will guarantee my health. They are safe where they live in Ireland and know they are safe here but cannot under any circumstances risk two hours squeezed into a plane.

This evening decided to take a look at the first Sunday evening "Stand Concert" of the year on Ottobeuren's market place. Lovely atmosphere and people seemed to be doing their best to keep distanced but I didn't feel too easy with it. But I could understand all those sitting around drinking their beer & Pedro's organic ice creams listening to the music.

Luna and I then went for a lovely quiet Schickling walk & swim.

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