Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Green Bridge

light caged
on the green bridge
the river runs free

I don't know if this bridge has an official name, but I've always just called it the Green Bridge. It's an 1889 cast iron footbridge across the Aire, linking the villages of Baildon and Thackley.  It's not visible from any roads, and only accessible from  riverside paths and unmade tracks, so you only really know it's there if you use it.

The plaque to the side of the bridge provides all you'd want to know.

A side view of the bridge, from an earlier visit.

I wouldn't normally be here on a Friday afternoon, but I've had a half day off work, and went the roundabout way to school  to pick up the kids.  

It was just over the bridge that I had my first butterfly blip of 2012. It's been a lovely day, but still a tad early for butterflies.  I'm guessing it will be another few weeks before we get our first over wintering Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshell's re-emerging.

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