Macaroon any One?

It was a sunny day until later in the afternoon. Now the sky is looking rather black. There has been a cold wind. It is going to be really cold tomorrow with snow low down on the mountains. 

After Accuputure this morning I meet up with my friend and her sister and daughter at the family home in Horotane Valley. It was lovely to back up the hill where I grew up. We had a pot lunch and a good chat until I had to go to my Optometrist appointment.

My new experience glasses I got a couple of weeks ago I was having so much trouble with. Rang them on Monday to tell them and I didn't get a good response. Said I need to give him more time... I said I have been wearing glass for over 50 years and know there is something wrong. In the end he gave me appointment for today. When I got there I was told it was her mistake... She never for some reason didn't put the prisms in them, which I have always have had. Hopfully now all will be sorted!.

On my way back to the car after my appointment I saw this Macaroon Shop that looked interesting. Which is today's blip. 

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