Sweet Scent

It has been a cold overcast day, but no rain which we badly need. Reach 10c at one stage. The water droplets on this Carnation are from John putting the hose on them. I got a cutting from a friend many years ago of this Carnation and so pleased I still have it growing in my garden.

John was really lucky today.. Radiology phoned him at 11:30am to asked if he could come in at 1:30pm for his MRI. It was booked for next week. When he got there they said that the public funding for the MRI had just come through, so he didn't have to pay the $4000 plus he was expecting to pay. Hopeful they can find the problem he is having with his leg.

I didn't do a lot today but did manage to make my Christmas cake. The house did smell wonderful last night.  

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