Lovely Evening

It has been another lovely day with around 22c. Parts of Christchurch got 25. It did feel 25 at our place. 

I haven't had a good 24 hours. Ended up in hospital with severe pain early hours this morning. They gave me a good work over and cleared anything too nasty. They did say I could be admitted until my pain was under control. But decided to see how I manage at home. 

I pulled a muscle or something a couple of days ago and it was getting worse. Last night the pain was so bad they advised me I needed to be seen at the hospital. My blocked bowel may have something to do with the pain they seem to think. I was given a not so nice treatment but that didn't move too much. I am on really strong medication and that did eased the pain a lot. Don't like being on it but it is so good not to be in so much pain. Sure feel the pain again when it wears off. My problem isn't related to were I had the surgery.. That is all looking good. Hopfully I can get some sleep this evening. 

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