Picture this..

By northernlass261

Obstacles and Barriers

Twice today there have been obstacles in my way when I had to go out.  Firstly, going to my son's to let a workman in, the window cleaner was here with his transit blocking my path.   He was round the back with his hose and brush, however, a little patience and he moved out of the way.

Secondly, on returning home, a new neighbour is moving into the third floor flat.   She left a note the other day apologising in advance for any inconvenience.

On a stroll around to the post box via St Paul's Church, I liked the late afternoon sun on the Church door.   Another barrier to entry!

And at last!   Our Certificate of Residency forms from HMRC arrived today, after 4 months of form filling and calls.   Another barrier to our disentangling ourselves from the Spanish tax system   Hopefully they are OK!

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