Too tired

Long day. This is only photo taken today. Made more vegan cashew cheeze, truffle flavour. Now setting* in the fridge (*helped by Agar Agar). I would descibe it as a cross between cheese and paté. Really tasty.

In extras is a Wide-Wednesday-worthy-sunrise. Taken on Monday when I looked out of the window at 07:15. Rushed to get the mobile. Best sunrise ever and SOOC.

Good nite. Early night probably.

Not going out again for a while. “MORE than 70 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the BCP Council area in the past 24 hours, latest figures show”. Most are just where we live.

In our immediate vicinity Covid diagnosed cases up. These are daily increases for the 2 wards - we live in the middle :-
13 > 19 > 23
9 > 12 > 23

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