By Bella888

Colour Blitz 7: Peeping Tom (or Thomasina)

This creepy crawly, too large for comfort, caught my eye while reading the Sunday Times. It was centimetres away, thankfully outside the balcony window.

I’m no good at bugs, could it be a cockroach, weevil? Or the very knowledgeable blipped ‘crispin, suggested a rather exotic “Western Conifer Seed Bug - Leptoglossus Occidentalis“.

The bug hung around for a while, and I assume it flew off (if it can fly)!

Miserable, windy, damp out.

Anyway here is the 7th Colour Blitz for hobbs’ Colour Blitz theme for October.

NOTE: Just seen hobbs note on his Sunday blip, technical issues, so > “closing the challenge down after tomorrow, i.e. Monday 7th October. So instead of it running for the whole month of October, OCB19 will have run for just the first week.” For further details go to his journal

(Sky News just showing an eco protestor chained to the steering wheel of his car, and somehow peeling an orange. 2 weeks of protests starting today in London).

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