There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Flaming Foliage In Our Yard

The foliage show on the local scene is quite variable right now, but we have some wonderful patches of color in our own yard. It was a work day, but I went out over my lunch break and took some photos, looking up.

I am a big fan of trees, as you may have noticed. A thing I did not realize would fill me with such happiness has been the owning of trees. We fully enjoy the trees in our yard, and I planted a lot of new ones, following an ice event during the first winter I owned my house, in which a whole bunch of trees fell.

Our neighbors across the street are not good stewards of trees, and it has been a bone of contention over the years. A neighbor a few years back, instead of having one of the trees closest to the property line merely trimmed, asked the road guys to simply cut it DOWN. So much for the shade we used to enjoy in the lower part of our driveway in that tree's shadow.

But the neighbors who moved in after that, in addition to lighting fires in their yard which burned and smoldered and ruined the air quality for hours and even days, cut down FIVE of the gorgeous evergreens that used to provide a visual buffer between our yard and theirs.

Those very same neighbors have a big For Sale sign in their yard now, and let me tell you this: I am not a mean person, but I will indeed be happy to see them go, as I have no fondness at all for murderers of trees.

I know that people have the right to cut down trees on property they own, but it makes me absolutely sick - and furious - to watch it happen. These trees in this picture are MY trees. They are like children to me. No, nothing will happen to them on my watch, you can rest assured of that. And what a lovely show they put on in the fall!

The soundtrack song is this one: Guns N' Roses, with Sweet Child of Mine.

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