There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Hammock Time in Moshannon State Forest

With excellent weather at hand, my husband and I headed out on another backpack into Moshannon State Forest. We had camped there the first weekend in September, but the colors are so much more wonderful now! We're getting plenty of golds and oranges, and even some reds here and there. There's still a lot of green, but a few spots are approaching peak.

It was VERY windy on Wednesday, but thankfully, the winds had settled down quite a bit before we hit the woods. Still, it was quite breezy, and Thursday afternoon turned sunny and beautiful. October is such a pretty time to make your home away from home in the Pennsylvania woods.

We set up our campsite: two tents, side by side, with a communal area to hang out in between. You may see a photo of our cozy campsite in the extras. Mine is the bigger, nicer tent in the foreground. His is the smaller tent in the distance.

My husband brought along his hammock, and he set it up between two trees. I found my way into it later in the afternoon, and he could barely get me out of it. I asked for my camera so I could take a few photos from there, and I think the one above captures the feeling of a relaxed and sunny October day.

The overnight low, for once, was not shocking. On our one trip to Quehanna, where we saw the rattlesnake, it was 20. On the trip we just got back from last weekend, the low was 33. On this trip, it was 42, which wasn't bad at all. The moon came out in the middle of the night to keep us company, and we could hear coyotes howling. Very wild times indeed!

We always take our little tunes box along on our trips, and there is a constant running soundtrack of our favorites. Here is a song I can guarantee you my husband will play, LOUD, on every single trip, and we all sing along. And so let's let this be our song for this photo: Thin Lizzy, with Cowboy Song.

I am just a cowboy, lonesome on the trail
A starry night, a campfire light
The coyote call and the howling wind wail
So I ride out to the old sundown

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