There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Black Moshannon: The Red Tree

On our way home from our backpacking trip in Moshannon State Forest, I asked if we could take a few minutes to stop along the lake at Black Moshannon to check out the foliage show, and we were not disappointed.

There are some really amazing red trees along the swimming area, which is now closed for the season. Above is a photo of one of them. I have also included in the extras a fun shot of the foliage reflections interspersed with lily pads.

The foliage show this time of year is really something in Pennsylvania, and we try to get out and see as much of it as we can. It's amazing that I can even get anything done this time of year. All I want to do is drive around and see the colors before they disappear!

For my soundtrack, since I have two photos, I've picked two songs from an album whose title reflects how I feel this time of year: Pat Benatar's Wide Awake in Dreamland (which I absolutely adore, btw). The first one is the title track, Wide Awake in Dreamland. The second is for these glorious, flaming, red trees: All Fired Up.

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