By Kipsie

Thinking about todays challenge

while in the kitchen this morning I spotted the forks & immediately knew what I wanted to do but it was'nt a great success. Limited materials, well that's my excuse, if I'd been at home I would have probably executed it with more detail, BUT I would'nt have had these shiny forks, or the shiny black marble worktop. My homage to Santiago Calatrava  for Abstract Thursday. Who knows, he might have been inspired by cutlery, although many of his structures are made with white concrete not metal.
A short walk with Yogi, we bumped into the next door neighbours out walking with Leo, their Portuguese Water Dog. He's gorgeous. Now that's a breed I do like, probably higher maintenance than an Italian Spinone which I'm fond of as well. We can't have pets in our rental property but if we could ...
I packed the car then sat down and wrote out more plant labels, just 32 left to write out now a friend has given me the name of one of the plants. I could not remember it for the life of me. - Chiastophylum oppositifolium syn. Umbilicus oppositifolius. That's why I could'nt remember it I reckon. Does'nt exactly roll off the tongue. I got home about 3pm unloaded the car, but left the apples in the boot.
Thought we would have fish n chips from the mobile chippie that comes to town on a Thursday evening, except this week he's on holiday. Typical!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday

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