By Kipsie

An afternoon of mark making

Josie came over to have a play around  with our recent lino cutting bits n bobs purchases. Our third attempt at creating a piece of art. We were both extremely quiet as we made our grooves, furrows & cross hatching, my attempt at creating an onion actually resembled a pumpkin,  so defo got a way to go. .. Cassiesmum's African grey parrot, Lucy,  was keeping us amused with her repertoire. I inked and printed my first attempt of some poppy seed heads that I cut on Sunday afternoon. Relatively pleased although a little heavy handed, but practice makes perfect and we are both only just beginning with this medium. Many different blades, creating a multitude of marks. It was fun. My third lino printed. It got the thumbs up from Josie & some FB friends.

Sadly last evening, (Tuesday) Ruby, who I've been looking after while her mum & dad were away in Scotland with cassiesmum & jorgiesdad, was taken ill. I eventually found a vet, with the help of J's next door neighbour Jo, who was willing to come to the house. Unfortunately the prognosis was not very good, & so with P & C's consent Ruby was put to sleep. A very sad & emotional day for all those affected.

A back blip for yesterdays Tiny Tuesday, hosted by Barking 

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