By Lysle_Photo


Yesterday we were headed out to the mountains for a hike. A truck in front of us dropped a 3 foot x 1 foot boulder and we hit it. We drive over it and it perforated the gas tank and did something to the steering as the steering wheel would not work. My husband managed to drive the car into the ditch and not roll it. We had to 911 a fire truck and the RCMP as they gas was spilling out. The firemen had to shut down the highway to clean up the rock debris and the spilled gas. The Mountie set out to find the trucker and we had a tow truck get us back to Calgary at a 600 dollar expense. It could have been a complete disaster. We were lucky indeed. We are waiting to hear back from the insurance company and the Audi dealership about repairs. The undercarriage is completely torn open. We hope it’s not a write off but I’m more glad we weren’t a write off! Going to try the hike today taking my mini!

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