By HeidiHH

New reality day 73

What a day it's been. it all started yesterday when we finally got the "streetlights" to work.

The problem is that there's too many. We have to take some light bulbs out of the lights. I couldn't sleep. Our house is all of a sudden surrounded by light.

I have curtains, but not the dimming kind (which I will need for next summer, but that is 9 months away). So off to store to try to find a curtain that will have some dimming effect. Found one. Shortened it and used the piece I cut off to make straps that I'll use to hang the curtain from the sprinkler tube (which we saved to have some history of the house remaining, there's no more water running in the tubes).

The curtain was okay (the real test of course being tonight) but it wasn't a match to the curtain that I had hanging on the utility room door, so off to the store again and I bought another one of that kind (black velvet).

Made the other curtain the same way. Looked okay. Fine, now the lounge is looking funny. Something missing between the curtains. Moved a dresser (of some sorts) between the two curtains. Now I need something to the corner where the dresser was. Put a chair to the corner, now the other wall where the chair was is too empty. So I play the chair game around the rooms. Now the rug is not fitting anymore. Move the rug to the bathroom. Need to more the bathroom furniture around. Now the laundry basket is not fitting. Took one from the fireplace where we had some wood and paper and made a switch. Bathroom still missing something. Oh, I have the screen that will fit nicely and move that to the bathroom. And I end up having a spa corner in the bathroom.

You can see the bathroom corner that started with the streetlights here:

Picture from the greenhouse where I also planted some succulents today. It's so nice and warm inside the greenhouse still.

At the moment we have the fire in the fireplace and it's so nice and cozy. We still have to take the dogs out, but we are waiting for the rain to stop. Which it hopefully will!

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