By Alichap21

Enjoying a walk among the trees

The morning dawned fine if a bit chiily but it was good to get out for a walk. Rouken Glen today because I was looking for a new metal bird feeding stand .... no success but there are plenty of other garden centres and if I have no success again there is always Amazon!

I did buy two packets of festive cards but it will be at least 8 weeks before I look at them again

Just as I finished taking the view of the trees in their autumnal dress I was aware that the couple had stopped and were standing in front of me.  I know them well and Una is my sit beside friend at the choir. If my long sight was better I might have recognised them sooner.

I took the riverside walk back to the main car park.  Very wet and muddy ... the dogs loved it!  The collage shows some of my findings .... not caring about my muddy shoes and trouser hems'

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