a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Just another day in the office

Who needs 45 Megapixels and a fancy lens?  I've joined the iPhone blippers today. Not because I couldn't be bothered carrying the camera and lens around and not because I was worried that I might get the camera exposed to the elements.  Just because. ;-)

Actually it might be because this is the only picture I've taken today.  The truth hurts.

This spot s largely where I have been today - its the garage and as you can see I've now installed Dad's workbench and have started work on the next stage of my "Man Cave" project.  Unlike Incredibish I haven't got a pinball table but I think I will need to add some method of playing and listening to music for when I am working in the garage.

I may also need to think about some method of keeping warm!

I remember being in Dad's garage listening to the Alan Freeman Saturday Afternoon Rock Show on Radio 1 back in the mid 70's.  Freeman seemed to play Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and Bloody Well Right by Supertramp every week.  (I'm not complaining.)  It is intriguing - although I can remember being in the garage back then, and listening to that music, I can't for the life of me think of what it was that I was actually doing in the garage. It is strange what sticks in the memory and what gets lost. 

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