Corvid Fiesta

By CorvidFiesta

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is usually closed at the end of September, but this year they are staying open until October 25. This is presumably to get some more revenue as they must have been hard hit by Covid-19 restrictions. We have been meaning to go for ages but haven’t quite managed it. Today was it was nice so we booked tickets online and got there about midday. We went to see the Landform first as that is its most famous feature; the weather was great and it is really spectacular. I couldn’t make up my mind as to which shot best captured it so have made a collage and put it as the first extra. The main blip is a rather nice sculpture made from 4 different colours of fishing twine woven together with a hole in the middle. The second extra is a collage of sculptures of a faceless, hollow girl in various poses.

Yesterday’s blip.

Best on black.

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