A day in the life

By Shelling


This Saturday got filled with planning and looking for music fitting the new project idea. No blips were taken.

The man at "Mirabelle farm" sent an sms saying our apple juice, that we call 'apple must' or 'apple most' ( the 'o' is short, as in 'lost') was now ready for pick-up. We gave him about 70 kg. of apples and had 42 litres of juice, which made into 14 containers with 3 litres in each. For less than half the price in the shop, produced with our own apples.

The process of making it is fairly simple: 
1Press the gathered fresh apples, the juice goes one way, that is what we want, the pulp goes another way, into containers, and can be used for many things, like feeding animals. 
2 Heat the juice (pasteurising) to 79 degrees for 20 minutes to kill the yeast. If you don't , the juice will ferment and be bad in three days.
3 Fill the heated juice into sterile plastic "Bag in box" containers of three or five litres. There are no additives what so ever. The juice keeps for at least a year.

Blip was produced.

It has a divine taste, but use it with care, the juice has a very high sugar content. Come by and I will offer you a glass.

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