Old quarry

Another backblip (delayed as looking after grandkids and left laptop at home bit able to retrieve it today).
Wet day and after an excellent breakfast in the hotel had a lazy morning until it was time to head up the road for my race. We were sent out at 1 minute intervals in groups of not more than six and given our start time in advance so we weren't hanging around. I was one of the last to start in my race but the next race, with quicker people, started 16mins later and so I was constantly having to move over to let people past on the narrow sections - a good excuse for taking a bit longer. I also stopped for some photos but, as it was still raining, they were not of the best quallity but did give a good idea of the day.
Despite the wet conditions it was a good run and my time wasn't too bad. Mr Rat was in the next lot and by the time I'd got some drier things on and talked to a friend he was back.
getting the car out of the field was a different matter! Several got well bogged down so when we ground to a halt we waited for rescue. The farmer had to pull some out, but we were pushed to firmer ground by a group who were doing the rounds - thanks to them (2 wasn't enough).
I got my instructions for volunteering the next day whilst waiting so that saved us a return journey.
Welcome shower, drink in the pub and takeaway pizza once back.

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