By Tryfan46

Tylers Cottage, Loose

I apologise at the beginning for total lack of originality. This is probably the most photographed building in Loose (pronounced Looze, not as in slack, so as not to offend the local WI or the Bowls Club) unless Nogbad knows otherwise. And I’ve taken it from the classic view. No unusual slant or interesting angle. I’ll get my coat.

Susan has just reminded me that the local ladies Morris Side are called the Loose Women (as in slack)

For information this is now a single house restored in the late 20th century, built in late 15th or early 16th century and was formerly 3 cottages and is just one of a great many historic buildings and artefacts and around the village. There were, I think, at least 10 water mills on the Loose stream over hundreds of years.

We’ve lived in various parts of the borough of Maidstone for well over 40 years and only have visited this area recently (in the last 15 years) to go to the pub or wander along the short winding path next to the stream to get to the other end.

We made a start at putting things right today with an 8 mile walk around the village, along the Loose Valley and in the surrounding fields, orchards and woods. Apple harvesting was in full swing, when passing through some old traditional, neglected orchards collected a few for a pie.

In other news, our grandson in California, Landon, is having his third birthday party today. (His actual birthday is on Thursday ) Of course, nobody from the UK can be with them on his birthday but we are seeing photos and videos of his day. He’s having a great time.

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