Man and dog

We met friends today near the canal at Rickmansworth for brunch and a stroll.

At this lock - one down from Batchworth, we watched a boat attempting to come into the lock.  The crew had opened the bottom paddles and were waiting for the water level to drop, which it had started to do.  However, I spotted that a previous boater had carelessley left the top paddles open and I had to point it out - otherwise the new crew would have had a very long wait and would have wasted a lot of water.

One of the boat's dogs decided to jump up on the lock gate and make friends with us. We were amused when he was still on the lock gate as his boat went through and travelled on up the canal without him.  He stood there for several moments looking after his disappearing floating home before realising that he was going to have to run up the towpath to catch up with it.

I guess that's one way of taking your dog for a walk.

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