By Ingeborg

Autumn leaf

The weekend assignment  for the Dutch course was about natural abstracts without serious editing. This leaf was handheld against the sunlight and the resulting shot was only cropped a bit. The colours were as the back light from the sun showed them.  Another idea for this coming Thursday's Abstract Thursday: 'natural abstracts', as in no heavy editing or use of transforming filters. And the subject doesn't have to be from nature, natural in this case just means as little editing as possible ;-). The tag will be AT277

Thanks so much for all your great entries last Thursday, isn't it great to find so many abstracts in the kitchen :-)
Here's the list of last week's specials:
kwchas           fairy abstract :-)
gordo              toasted
kipsie              forked
Tommie2       whisked
Missycat        baked

Thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's tree trunk :-)

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