Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2114. Animal Crossing Redesign!

I have spent most of this afternoon no evening doing some redesigning on my Animal Crossing game and have just finally finished doing what I’d set out to do.  We’ve had a fairly relaxed day after doing the housework this morning so I thought I would spend a few hours messing about with my game.  I’ve done quite a lot to my island but I have been looking at some of the designs online and some people have done some pretty creative things!  I saw a photo on Twitter and thought I’d try and do something similar with a space and it’s worked out quite well....

Both my eldest and youngest play this game too so it’s been quite good having a sort of AC-themed daily chat going and we have been able to exchange ideas and resources through the game’s a bit of fun during what has been a very trying time.  We should have been staying with my eldest and their husband this weekend but our plans had to be cancelled but we hope to re-arrange them before Christmas if we can....what a dreadful thought if we weren’t able to!

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