By suehutton

Forest Street, the Greatest Street

It was the second day of the Shepshed Scaresheep Festival. I'd gone to see Colin at midday. He was sitting with his very kind and helpful neighbour who told us that there were loads of scaresheep on Forest Street.

Since Forest Street was very close, Basil and I went to check it out. A delightful display and very obviously coordinated. The theme for the street was 'the Greatest Street,' and each participant had designed and made a circus character. 

Above you see the ring master and the Big Top. Other characters can be seen in the extras: Mr Baar the Strong Man, the lion tamer, the stilt walker, the trick cyclist and juggler, the forewene teller, the sheep on the flying trapeze, the showgirl, Bojo the clown with Trumpo the pig.

Later on, we all went to Bradgate Park to spy on the deer. We found the really big guy who chased off one small, impertinent intruder and then bellowed to his harem to join in. Lovely sunset.

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