horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


I could almost have believed it was an April Fool, but can we please have NEWS on the telly when they say there will be NEWS?!?!?

BBC Breakfast for 20 odd minutes this morning showing a yellow barrier in Regent's Park because they were expecting Obama to come out at any moment. No cuts to the local news and weather, nothing. Just 20 minutes, not even analysing what might happen at the G20, but talking about inane garbage like what presents the Obamas and Browns exchanged in the US. And then it turns out it looks like it was all a ruse that he was staying with the Ambassador cos next thing he's at Downing Street and the raft of cameras 'missed' him leaving.

Bill Twatface Turnbull and Kate Smug Ice Queen Silverton meanwhile apologised for the lack of local news, but they expected the presidential 'cavalcade' so it was important. 'Cavalcade?' That suggests to me an open topped Cadillac, ticker tape, and sniper in a book store, rather than a blacked out hefty anti-terror machine and hundreds of bouncers. And then Silverton called it 'breaking news'. Breaking fecking news??? We?ve just stared at a yellow barrier for 20 whole minutes listening to you witter. I don't think it was ever 'news' let alone 'breaking news' you emotionless characterless harpy!

Lunchtime blander around a few bike shops to try and find a cross-top lever for the temporary handlebars on the fixed wheel (see yesterday's catastrophic handlebar failure), with no success (and one shop assistant in particular displaying a remarkable lack of knowledge about bike parts). Ah well, I'll just take it easy going home with the brake lever I have on.

The 2011 Rugby World Cup fixtures have been released though. We were planning on a return to NZ to coincide with this, and it appears there's an England v. Scotland line-up (it could completely ruin our holiday, but we have been to a Calcutta Cup match together in the past and managed not to come to blows...).

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