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Tyre Tracks

I was awake at 4 a.m. - after just 5 hours in bed….

After reading daily blips I went out for a walk in the dark around 5:30… 7K steps.

Went out again later for another walk (only 5K steps this time) and spotted these huge tyre tracks. I don’t often post mono shots - but here it was the graphic shapes of the ruts that attracted me rather than colour - and the symmetrical sweep of tracks into the field.

Also managed to capture a falling sycamore seed (extra) - trial and (lots of) errors (and luck) to get this.

Had an appointment at the tip late morning - the garage can breathe a little more easily now.

Grim news from the scientists today - looks we will be going back to getting food delivered and keeping ourselves locked up…thanks world!

Maybe taking an extended nap this afternoon…

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