By dunkyc

Tipping the balance

I thought today had been a crap day because:-

1. Bathroom has sprung a leak and is dripping onto the stairs below.
2. The Youngest’s water bottle cracked and leaked all over the floor.
3. Had a row with The Eldest.
4. Work is relentless.

Then I remembered:-

1. The children spotted the leak before it got too bad and a friend; a plumber, thinks he can get it fixed tomorrow and I’m fortunate enough to have a second toilet.
2. The Youngest’s water bottle is easily replaced and the water will dry.
3. The row brought some stuff up that needed to be dealt with and was and we’re all good.
4. I have a job.

And also:-

5. One of m’boy’s presents was a set of walkie talkies, and seeing him and his little sister chatting away on them on the way to school this morning was unbelievably cute.
6. The much-anticipated coronavirus added restrictions do not look to have scuppered our holiday at the end of the month.
7. I cooked a risotto for dinner and the children weren’t as rude about it as I was expecting and maybe even enjoyed it. A bit.


8. One of m’boy’s other presents was the family version of Cards Against Humanity which was stupid, silly and made us all cry with laughter. 

It’s been a good day. 

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