Between Two Types Of Bureaucracy

is at times  very confusing.  Add  a totally indifferent  Embassy it's the stuff breakdowns & nightmares spring from .
Last week I received a huge form from a UK bank requesting proof of my residence . No problem there so began .
Lots of work all of which must be witnessed & certified . However the list of who could do such was ridiculous . My Dr who knows me could not as Germany is not a Crown Colony. The Berlin British Embassy  ( listed as ideal place ) refused and said I must go to a lawyer ! That is an outrage . Hence I went to my German Bank who , shocked at the indifference I'd met with saw to all for me. They did the lot  in German and English signed,  sealed  then stamped .The day was sunny and made more so by such efficiency. Over from their building I saw these flowers :) Civilisation , manners plus the right hand knew what the left should  do  made all the difference  ..

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