By davidc

Tiny Tuesday: "Something Soft"

As so often happens, my Editor came to my rescue with this idea for today's TT challenge, kindly hosted by ApolloFly. This little soft, squashy Mr Happy toy is just under 5cm tall so I reckon he should qualify as tiny enough. My Editor bought him ages ago in aid of the Variety Club childrens' charity.

We couldn't lay our hands here on a copy of the Mr Happy book to stand him in front of for his photo, but we did find a copy of Little Miss Naughty's book which features Mr Happy on this page. As you can see it looked as if his happiness was about to be shattered (rather literally!) by Little Miss Naughty!

Just in case you're worried that this ended badly, it didn't. Throughout this book, whenever Miss Naughty decided to do something naughty, the Invisible Nose Tweaker tweaked her nose. Naturally this happened on this occasion before she had a chance to throw the stone, so she ran off shouting "Ouch!" and holding her nose. By the end of the week her nose was bright red...but she was cured of her naughtiness!

"Who was the Invisible Nose Tweaker?" you may well ask. Well, of course it was Mr Impossible, who could make himself invisible. It was Mr Small who'd suggested this ploy to Mr Impossible. At the end of the week, Mr Small went to visit Mr Impossible to thank him (there was no ban on households mixing then, it was before Covid19 hit.) Mr Impossible said, "My Pleasure...but it did take all week". Mr Small grinned: "Don't you mean 'All tweak?!'".

(I hope this bit of escapism has brightened up your day - if so, Mr Happy will be delighted, and so will I.)

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