Electric frog...

We're now back in Macclesfield as tomorrow morning we'll be attending the funeral of my Editor's 91-year-old aunt who sadly died several days ago after a short illness. So today we had another rather rainy car journey, but we stopped for lunch on the way with my Editor's cousin who lives near Leeds. She cooked us a delicious roast beef & Yorkshire pudding lunch and we had a lovely catch-up on each other's family's exploits.
Making this trip meant that I had to cancel my plan to join a camera club day out to Keswick - but judging by this morning's weather forecast for Keswick I'm assuming that they had a rather wet time there, so maybe that was lucky for me!
Blippertunities were in rather short supply. During lunch I noticed some squirrels in the cousin's garden (seemingly they have a drey in an oak tree there) but as soon as I even just said the word "camera" they disappeared. So I had to make do with this rather splendid electric frog which adorns their lawn. (It didn't seem to mind the rain!) Apparently it lights up at night - but we had to leave before nightfall to continue our journey.

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