An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Station Road...

Just before I upload my blip I always have a quick peak at what I blipped on the same day the previous year.  I laughed when I discovered that last year's blip was also Station Road!  

It's amazing how often that happens, showing I suppose how cyclical life is.  The more things change, the more they stay the same :-))  Although something that's not the same is the final line of last year's blip where I state that life is "busy but fun.  Lots of enjoyable get togethers."   Oh how I took that for granted.

David's off playing golf at Leven this afternoon.  The weather has been kind and according to his text, he played well.  Alan and Ashleigh headed out after lunch, no idea where, but I hope it's also been dry for them.

I have had an afternoon of list making and feel the better for it.  If the coming months are devoid of socialising then it's good to have some plans on how to fill them.  Will be interesting so see how many items are ticked off the list when these current restrictions end.  I created a to-do list at the start of the last lockdown and I think I had managed to tick about five things off a list of thirty!  

Time will tell :-)

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