By JohnW

Something Soft

Just after lunch I was inspired by the soft shadow from the ornamental seed heads thrown on the wall (that’s the shadow, not the seed heads) from the patio doors.  So I took them downstairs to the ‘studio’ and photographed the same thing with the light from the opposite direction.
Through shear laziness I relied on cropping rather than getting the camera on the table, or changing the lens, and as a result ‘Tiny Tuesday’ nearly lost out to the extra.
However I relented at the last moment and here is my entry for this Tuesday.  Many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting.
Tesco delivery day today - charged me for a bag that I didn’t order or receive!  Complaints are in order as a matter of principle (not the 40p !!!)!
A little behind in commenting, should catch up shortly.

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