A time for everything

By turnx3

Airplane Rock and Chapel Cave

Wednesday October 7
We did a new trail this morning that I had read about on a blog. It’s not actually a part of Hocking Hills State Park, but Hocking State Forest, and we discovered is primarily used as a bridle trail, though hikers are allowed. Initially I thought it was going to be a bit boring, as it started off on quite a broad forest track, made more interesting by some beautiful Fall colour. However, as we continued it got more interesting. The first point of interest was Airplane Rock - imagine you’re standing on the wing, and you can see the nose of the plane to the right. It was at this point we saw our first horses, and from then on they were definitely in the majority. We decided we wouldn’t want to do the trail in the Spring or after heavy rain, as wherever there was a bit of a hollow and a little water had accumulated
(most of the ground is bone dry at present) the horses’ hooves had churned it into mud! The next point of interest was Chapel Cave, quite a large cave, big enough for quite a group of horses and riders to stand inside! Having finished that trail, we did another shorter trail at Cantwell Cliffs, before driving home.

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