Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

The Moon and Mars

When the early morning's look like they might be fair I set my alarm for 6am so I can get to the nature reserve earlier than the runners (no, scrub that last, no-one gets to the reserve earlier than the runners).  And for the last two weeks, when cloudless, I've been greeted by this sight beaming ultra brightly through my bedroom window.  I read somewhere that Mars is currently closer to Earth than it's been for a couple? / a few? years.  It's a pretty wonderful sight.

This was blipped before going out this morning.  I was thinking of a sunrise over the marshes for BobsBlips' WidWed subject of the day, 'nature's colours', but didn't get anything I preferred.  Still, there is one dawn shot in Extras in which you can just about see the moon and Mars, though much smaller.

So this is tagged for WidWed, though I realise that's a cheat.  It's taken with the 400ml lens and it has very little colour, but in its favour I can safely say that in terms of miles between left and right objects it's further that most blips are likely to encompass   ;-D

Thanks, Bob - and have a great evening, all  xx

EDIT: Several of you have said this is Venus not Mars.  You could well be right, I bow to your better judgement  ;))

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