Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Blue skies

Every day this week I've woken up believing the forecast and expecting the skies to be grey, but everyday the skies are blue.  This morning I went up to the butterfly reserve looking for a double exposure for AT, but in the end came home with this this as my favourite, because of the background, I guess.  The flowers are almost entirely gone from up there, just a few scabious, one or two hawkweed and the occasional marjoram.

This, I'm thinking, is end of season field scabious (Knautia arvensis) though it could be scabiosa columbaria. I tried to look it up for you, but the truth is I'm appallingly headachy today and easily defeated.

The other thing I saw up there was a completely naked (and rather fat) middle-aged man rising from the grass like Venus rising from the sea - except he was pretty bald. I was rather glad I was talking to a warden at the time.

Yes, I did take a picture, but decided not to post it even as an extra.  My mind isn't working well enough to make fine judgements!

I'm going to try to do plenty of commenting, but please forgive me it I don't quite get round to you all.  Enjoy your evening, blipmates  xx

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