Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


At lunchtime I went into town in search of a geometric/ architectural shot for Steveng's widwed theme of the day.  I got the feeling the subject was nudging us towards modern steel and glass architecture but Winchester doesn't do modern.  Well, it has two buildings of that sort, neither of them in the town centre and both of which I dislike.  So I had a couple of old structures in my head but then I bumped into a huge military funeral (8 gun salute, all that stuff) which distracted me.

No, even I blenched at blipping a stranger's funeral.  Besides, I had the wrong lens ;)  So I trailed round the back of the cathedral instead of where I meant to go and did think it was looking rather wonderful.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue, despite the dreary forecast.  From there I listened to the music, talked to a couple from Honiton who were doing the same and took this shot.  In Extras is a version  that purports to have corrected the distortion but I didn't like it as much - somehow it just looked wrong!

Thanks so much, Steven, for the fun subject and for hosting today's challenge.  And thanks to you all for being so kind to my last two blips.  You're a lovely bunch.

Enjoy your evening  xx

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